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How to Celebrate Earth Day (and Beyond) – COEJL’s Favorite Green Tips

Danielle Sundstrom, COEJL Program Fellow It’s Earth Day, and we’re living the green life! Not only is it beneficial for our natural environment, but becoming more environmentally friendly is economically smart too. So this year, consider the following Green Tips from COEJL, and try to work them into your new money-saving, eco-friendly lifestyle. Reuse Use reusable items rather than disposables. Bring water bottles, shopping bags, mugs, utensils, plates, etc., to work and when traveling. Energy Conserve electricity by unplugging as many surge protectors and appliances as you can while not at home, turn off lights in the work place and at home when not in use, and turn off computers and monitors when not in use. To save even more money, buy CFL eco light bulbs and other energy-saving appliances for your home and office. Travel When traveling or commuting, opt to walk, ride your bike, carpool or take public transportation rather than drive alone. Paper Go paperless when you can. Pay bills online, request paperless payments from work, try not to print unnecessarily, and send e-invites rather than paper invitations. Water Turn off the water when washing dishes and brushing your teeth. When running the laundry and the dishwasher, wait until you have a full load in order to use less water per dish/article of clothing. Click here to read why Earth Day is a Jewish holiday and here to read about greening your Passover. Using even one of these tips to make a lifestyle change will make a positive impact on the environment and can save money too. Did we miss out on a great green tip? Leave us your favorites in the comments. For more extensive suggestions and specific event and lifestyle greening, check out this guide from Treehugger.
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