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Pittsburgh: Climate Change and National Security

July 9, 2014; Pittsburgh – Understanding that we are stewards of creation, the Jewish community has been vocal about the need to combat climate change and protect the environment. Climate change will not only have environmental and economic costs, but national security implications as well. This was the message of Rear Admiral David Titley when he addressed a gathering in Pittsburgh at an event on Wednesday, June 25th,  cohosted by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Pittsburgh and the JCPA. Rear Admiral Titley, director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Pennsylvania State, served in the navy for 32 years and was the founder and leader of the U.S. Navy’s Task Force on Climate Change. In an oped written to accompany the event, Rear Admiral Titley wrote, “Climate change affects military readiness, strains base resilience, creates missions in new regions of the world and increases the likelihood that our armed forces will be deployed for humanitarian missions.” This event is part of a series of events cohosted by the JCPA with future events being held in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

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