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Celebrating our fall climate victory while struggling through the winter

As the UN’s talks in Lima, Peru wind down, we are taking a moment to celebrate an important event earlier this year. On Sunday September 19th JCPA and COEJL joined over one hundred Jewish organizations and 400,000 citizens at the People’s Climate March in NYC. This march, widely described as the “largest and most diverse” demonstration of its kind, called for coordinated international action to stem climate change. This incredible feat of organizing demonstrated what grassroots activists can really do to change the conversation about climate change.

We were heartened by the strong Jewish voice advocating and demonstrating on behalf of this important issue. Special thanks go out to Mirele Goldsmith, a friend of COEJL and former Director of the Greening Fellowship for her hard work in bringing together the Jewish community around this march. Shofars were blown,prayers were given, and speeches were delivered in the hours leading up to the march. 

JCPA President Steve Gutow joined Rabbi Fred Dobb (COEJL Chair), Jared Feldman (VP and Washington Director), Andi Millens (VP), Geri Palast (Managing Director of the Israel Action Network), Jared Bierbach (COEJL Policy Associate), and Sybil Sanchez (COEJL Development Director) as part of the JCPA contingent at the march.

The rally came at an opportune time as 120 world leaders, including President Barack Obama, convened at the United Nations in New York to discuss carbon pollution.  In what the NY Times called “A clarion call to action” we hope this march will continue to catalyze global movement on climate change as we continue to encounter diplomatic wrangling and challenges through the current UN talks in Peru.

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