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Tell Congress That Jews Support Climate Change Action!

A new and hopeful movement in Congress towards climate solutions has begun. Republican Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19), along with nine other House Republicans, just introduced H. Res.424, titled “Expressing the Commitment of the House of Representatives to Conservative Environmental Stewardship.” The resolution acknowledges the impacts of climate change and commits Congress to addressing its human causes and impacts.This resolution is a critical step towards bipartisan solutions from Congress.  It recognizes that for Congress to solve the problem of climate change, Congress must first acknowledge that climate change is a problem.

This newly-introduced resolution has been a top Jewish and interfaith priority for some time, to set us on course for combating climate change – and towards a new and constructive dialogue in Congress about solutions to our generation’s most pressing problem. Communities across the United States and around the world are already experiencing climate impacts, such as rising sea levels, increased extreme weather events, devastating droughts, and attendant social unrest.  This is of great concern to us as Jews, who have a moral obligation to look out for the most vulnerable, to act as environmental stewards, and to be partners with God in the work of protecting Creation.  Acknowledging climate change’s causes and effects is the first critical step toward mitigating its severity, and helping those impacted to adapt to this unprecedented challenge.

You can sign our action alert in support of the House Resolution here.

You can also read Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb’s statement on the resolution here.

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