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Loss and Damage on the Second Day of Hanukah

Shavua tov, happy new week, and welcome to the second day of Hanukah! On this second day, we’ll be focusing on two crucial components of the agreement currently being negotiated at the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“Loss” and “Damage” are both key provisions of an international climate agreement, which will protect small island states at risk of falling into the ocean with sea level and the climate refugees of those shrinking and impoverished countries.

Hanukah is a time to consider what it means to advocate for ourselves and those most in need. When Antiochus IV took control over Jerusalem and attempted to assimilate the Jews into Hellenistic culture, the Maccabees fought back. They pursued justice and the integrity of their Jewish tradition.

So too, in our modern time, must we work together to preserve cultures and nations around the world that are threatened by our changing climate and our growing greenhouse gas emissions. 

See the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life statement on what to expect out of the second week of negotiations in Paris here.

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