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The Unrealized Potential of Hanukah’s Night Four

By Jared Feldman, Jewish Council for Public Affairs

The miracle of Hanukah is about unrealized potential. The Maccabees were not a large and mighty army compared to the Greeks, but united – and with the strength of their identity and conviction – they were able to overthrow their oppressors and continue to freely practice their religion in their homeland.  So too, when they returned to rededicate their Temple, did they demonstrate unrealized potential;  the oil was only expected to last for one night, but instead lit the menorah for eight.  This little bit of oil held within it the power to light the eight dark nights. 

This evening, as we light the candles, lets us remember the deep well of potential within each of us and our might through our unity.

Right now, we are diligently watching the international climate talks in Paris, France. It’s easy to think that we can’t make a difference – that the Jewish community is too small to shape events across the globe. 

However, the story of Hanukah reminds us that there is latent power within and around us, and that together even small groups of people can change the course of history. Now is the time to activate and empower.  Now is the time to unify and take action. This Hanukah, take a look at the daily “Action” below in each of our emails and join the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life in serving as Jewish environmental champions.  Together, we can set the world on a more just course that allows all the world’s children to live freely in a sustainable world. 

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