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Thank the Obama Administration for Protecting Water

Yesterday, the White House vetoed a Congressional Review Act resolution put forward by the House of Representatives and Senate that would have repealed the Clean Water Rule.

Clean water access is a critical Jewish value. For Jews, water and humanity are both sacred. People’s access to clean water is both a fundamental human right and a core Jewish value. Our holidays and sacred texts revolve around rain cycles and water-dependent agriculture. Protecting the earth’s living waters is a godly obligation, since we know God as the ‘Source of the Waters of Life’ (Jeremiah 2:13, 17:13). Thus advocating for the Clean Water Rule to preserve the Waters of the United States is, for us, all about protecting these divine ‘Waters of Life’ and fulfilling our duty to be enlightened stewards of God’s great creation.

The Clean Water Rule, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers, restores protections and clarifies the applicability of the Clean Water Act to streams, wetlands and other bodies of water. The rule would help prevent flooding, filter pollution, and help supply one in three Americans with clean drinking water. Access to clean water, free of pollutants, is an issue of equity and environmental stewardship that speaks directly to our Jewish values.

We need to thank the Administration for standing up for clean water access and vetoing the Congressional Review Act resolution.

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