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Jewish Community Lauds U.S. Green Climate Fund Contribution

Washington, D.C., Tuesday March 8, 2016 – Yesterday, the United States submitted its first 500 million dollar contribution to the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund resources – offered by  both developed and developing countries — will be used to aid adaptation and mitigation efforts in the nations most vulnerable to climate change. In response to this, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) has issued the following statement:

We join with people across faiths and denominations in thanking President Obama for including the Green Climate Fund in his 2016 Fiscal Year budget. We are grateful to our elected officials for working across partisan divides in the Senate to ensure that funding for the Green Climate Fund would be possible.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life Chair, Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobbs said of the funding: “Our uncontrolled carbon emissions have a huge and immoral impact on poorer communities.  People of faith and morality must respond in two immediate ways: with needed reductions in society’s carbon footprint, and with adaptation assistance to those most challenged by what we’ve wrought.  We commend the U.S. decision to fund our initial share of the international Green Climate Fund — and ask all people of conscience to support this as a first necessary step in our return to climate morality, and global sustainability.”

We celebrate this victory in bipartisan cooperation, U.S. leadership, international energy security, and the protection of our earth for generations to come. However, we also recognize that there is much work left to be done. We will continue to advocate for the inclusion of the Green Climate Fund in the Fiscal Year 2017 budget and for the implementation of greenhouse gas emission reductions both domestically and abroad.

COEJL is an initiative of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Jewish partner to the National Religious Partnership on the Environment. The Jewish Council for Public Affairs is the public affairs arm of the organized Jewish community and serves as the advisory body for the 16 national and 125 local Jewish community relations organizations.


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