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Environmental Partners

Since COEJL was founded in 1993, the Jewish environmental movement has grown by leaps and bounds to become a major force in the American Jewish community. Below are two major areas of Jewish environmental collaboration.

Green Hevra

COEJL is an active member of the Green Hevra, a network of key Jewish environmental organizations strategizing to create ways to share efforts and best practices on a broad spectrum of Jewish environmental issues.  Members include:


The Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Canfei Nesharim

The Teva Learning Center

Jewish Farm School

Kayam Farm

Shalom Center


Eden Village Camp

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network

Green Zionist Alliance

Wilderness Torah

Recent projects in which Green Hevra members have collaborated include:


Created by a group of members of the ROI community of young, Jewish innovators, Jewcology is a resource for the Jewish-environmental sphere.  The goal of the project is to produce a denominationally, generationally and regionally varied network in order to learn from each other about how best to maintain our Jewish responsibility to care for the environment.  COEJL serves as a “content partner”, sharing resources and support for Jewcology’s burgeoning web-based approach to disseminating Jewish-environmental ideas.