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COEJL has advocated on a range of environmental issues from endangered species to energy security to the dangers that mercury emissions pose to clean air. Along with our partners from other faith communities, we cut through the familiar technical arguments to clarify the values at stake in environmental policy. Given the prominent role of religion in American political life, a voice of conscience in favor of environmental protection has considerable effect on public opinion and policy discussions.

Jewish leaders in particular have an opportunity to make a moral case for environmental protection. In today’s swelling chorus advocating energy security, Jewish concern about dependence on oil, both foreign and domestic, is particularly unique. In addition, the Jewish community has a historic and vibrant commitment to effective advocacy for social justice, having made significant contributions – far disproportionate to its size – on civil rights, gender equality, labor, and other issues. With the blossoming of Jewish farms, synagogue greening, and food justice, our communities are poised to mobilize effectively to advance environmental protection. COEJL is capitalizing on that energy by galvanizing a collective Jewish voice in the global struggle to address energy, climate change and sustainability.

Our Jewish community brings distinctive resources to the urgent environmental challenges we face. COEJL seeks to galvanize these resources by engaging in the public debate. We build on past policy positions and current views in order to articulate a Jewish response to these issues and mobilize partner organizations around the country to also speak out for legislation and regulation that expresses our Jewish values on energy, climate change and sustainability.

You can see all of our statements and alerts by using the navigation bar at the top of the page or by clicking here for statements and here for alerts. We also have an area with advocacy-related letters to that we signed onto in partnership with other organizations and a spot where you can see our past campaigns. Visit COEJL’s Resources Page for additional materials, including policy statements and resources by our partner organizations to help educate your community and take action on these issues.

Click here to read COEJL’s Working Principles on Current Energy Challenges and backgrounders on current energy issues.