What will it take to engage Jewish communities in bold action in the face of urgent challenges? The Jewish community’s collective commitment to fundamental change on energy and sustainability will emerge from exploration of the rich resources of Jewish tradition and contemporary life. COEJL develops and disseminates materials to enable Jewish organizations and communities to inspire, educate and mobilize communities.

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  • Advocacy and Policy Issues: Statements, action alerts and background material on key environmental issues
  • Jewish Thought and Texts: Weekly Torah portions, critical thought around Jewish text, and other thoughts that help form the basis for Jewish environmentalism today
  • Jewish Life and Programs: Programs, Greening Communities, Holidays, and other tools that help weave the fabric of our lives as Jews
  • Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign: Tools for COEJL’s current effort to mobilize leaders from all walks of Jewish life to bring communal inspiration to the global struggle of addressing today’s energy and environmental challenges
  • Partner Organizations: Material by and for COEJL’s partners organizations

Many of the programs herein originally hail from COEJL’s Interactive Source for Environmental Education, Discourse and Study Jewish Environmental Program Bank (SEEDS) and are marked as such. Along with countless others, many of who are attributed directly in the resource material itself, we wish to thank the following people for their contributions to SEEDS: Vivienne Cato, Noam Dolgin, Rivka Gevurtz, Terry Gips, Jeremy Goldberg, Susanna Haas, Kirsten S. Kleinman, Josh Lake, Barbara Lerman-Golomb, Solomon Poretsky, Margaret Presley, Chad Rosenthal, Nili Simhai, Rachel Singer, Lori Yadin, Stefanie Zelkind.

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Jewish Energy Guide

The Jewish Energy Guide presents a comprehensive Jewish approach to the challenges of energy security and climate change and offers a blueprint for the Jewish community to achieve a 14%reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by September of 2014, which is … Read more »

The Next Jubilee: A Vision for 2050

By David Krantz “You shall count for yourself seven cycles of sabbatical (shmita) years — seven years, seven times: The years of the seven cycles of sabbatical years shall be for you 49 years. … You shall sanctify the 50th … Read more »

Shmittah: Balance with Earth

By Jakir Manela “And six years you will sow your land, and gather in the land’s produce; but the seventh year you will release it from work and abandon it, that the poor of your people may eat; and what … Read more »

Coal: The Dirtiest Fuel

By Benjamin Kahane Depending on how much pressure and temperature to which it has been subject, coal is a sedimentary or metamorphic rock comprised mostly of carbon. Coal is a fossil fuel used primarily in the generation of electricity. To … Read more »

Are We Our Brothers’ (and Sisters’) Keepers?

By Matthew Anderson An issue of emerging global concern is the increasing impact of climate change on the poorest developing countries. Rising sea levels could displace populations in low-lying nations such as in Nauru, the Maldives or Bangladesh. The disappearance … Read more »

Hanukkah: 8 Days of Action

By Rabbi Arthur Waskow The first night of Hanukkah comes three days after the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, when the sun is at its darkest and the night at its longest. It is during this time of darkness that we kindle … Read more »

Oil Slick: The Ugly Truth about Petroleum

By Benjamin Kahane Petroleum — or, plainly, oil — has many applications in the industrial age. Petroleum is used to make plastics, lubricants, wax, asphalt and many other industrial products, but it’s mostly used for fuel. Oil is usually black … Read more »

Holiday Programming on One Foot

By Evonne Marzouk Our synagogues are places of worship, community and social action — but, unfortunately, they also often waste significant amounts of energy and other resources. Implementing energy saving campaigns in our synagogues is an important step we can … Read more »