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Duties of the Heart: 3/21/05


Duties of the Heart

(March 23, 2005) – In his classic text, Duties of the Heart, the 11th century Jewish philosopher, Bakhya ibn Pekuda, wrote that Jews should engage in “meditation upon creation in order to sense God’s majesty.” In the wake of last week’s disappointing U.S. Senate vote on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, how do we take that sense of majesty, that wonder which the natural world inspires, and use it to motivate ourselves and our Jewish community toward renewed action?

COEJL strives to help Jews see that being good stewards of the earth, that working to protect God’s creation, and that passing on the gifts of nature to future generations, is a part of being Jewish. In our current political climate, it is not enough to meditate upon creation; we must act to protect it.

Our Jewish environmental message resonates with clarity and passion. There are thousands of committed COEJL activists around the country, and together these voices do make a difference. But we need more activists, and we need them in more places.

Please forward this email (or sign up link) to your friends and family ask them to join the COEJL community to receive our e-Bulletin and Action Alerts. Try to reach as many states as you can. The more people, the more power. By forwarding this email (or sign up link) and enlarging our base of support, you will help keep our air clean, our water pure and our planet healthy.

Thank you,

Hadar Susskind
COEJL Washington Representative

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